Plated tubesOur clients have access to a wide range of different plating and metal finishing services including:

  • E-Coating the latest addition to the range of high quality finishes available at Foleshill Plating Co Ltd.
  • Zinc Plating with a choice of different passivation (Yellow or Clear).
  • Heat treatment in the form of De-embrittle.
  • We offer a Degreasing process (Pickling Process), in order to remove scale and grease from items either as a Pre-treatment for plating or painting.

The Future

As a forward thinking company we are continually looking for ways to improve the service we offer our clients.

We are in the early stages of introducing a new range of finishes at Foleshill Plating including Brushed Chrome. If you have any suggestions for new finishes currently not available, please get in touch.

Quality Responsiveness Environment ISO 14001
E-Coating Zinc Plating De-embrittle Degreasing