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18th August 2023

New investment in plant improves paint corrosive times by 40% 


Following investment in a new Adhesion Promoter No Rinse (APNR) system and after rigorous salt water spray testing on the finished products, we are thrilled to announce that we have been able to create powder paint finishes that can withstand up to 1200 hours of corrosive exposure. 

Corrosion affects all manner of metalwork and components and in fact, it’s estimated that a whopping £80 million is spent in the UK fighting its effects whereas globally that figure is said to be around US$2.505 billion – that’s 3.4% of the global GDP. 

It’s a huge issue. Particularly in the vehicle industry. In 2022, electric vehicles in Florida that had suffered flood damage went on to catch fire after the batteries corroded. Earlier this year, Honda recalled half a million of its CR-V model vehicles in cold-weather states across the US which use de-icing agents to maintain the roads over the risk that corrosion to the frame’s internal structure could cause the rear trailing arm to fall off. 

For 45 years, FP Advanced Coatings Ltd have provided quality paint finishes to some of the best automotive brands in the business including Jaguar, Bentley and Caterpillar. Ensuring that we keep innovating and offering solutions that best support our customers demands is essential to the business. By offering a 40% corrosive time improvement on powder coated paintwork, we are able to offer our customers a product that will continue to withstand the test of time. 

On top of this, we have made extensive changes to the automation of our lines which has allowed us to increase speed and efficiency by 13.6% across the whole network. 

What is an Adhesion Promoter No Rinse (APNR) system

APNR is a combination of equipment and chemistry. The system fits onto the existing line and is essentially a multi-configurational misting device that applies a chemical solution to the substrate. The chemical doesn’t need to be rinsed and air dries naturally saving time and additional processes. Once dry, the solution not only protects the bare metal but also acts as an adhesion promoter which allows for a better bonding between the metal and paint. 

The multi-configurational spray also ensures that whatever the coating challenges, the equipment is up to the job. 

How does APNR affect the overall performance of a painted finish

The introduction of the APNR system and the speeding up of the line ensures that we can increase capacity whilst also offering the quality finish that we’re known for. On top of this, businesses will have the peace of mind that their products will have the corrosive protection that they need. 

To discuss how FP Advanced Coatings Ltd can help your business with powder and e-coating and electropainting as well as shotblasting and blast cleaning, get in touch today.

Chris Waterhouse


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