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Powder coating

Powder Coating
Offered as a decorative coating, our powder coat can be applied directly to pre-treated bare metal, blast-cleaned and prepared metal surfaces, or as a top coat applied onto an e-coat primer coat.
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Used on both e-coated or bare metal surfaces, powder coating involves the application of dry powder to electrostatically charged components for high-quality finishes.

Components are initially cleaned and pre-treated before being oven dried to remove any moisture. The powder is then applied before the components are oven cured where the powder melts, flows and crosslinks, forming a smooth, even coating.

FP Advanced Coatings Limited operates two powder coating lines, installed in 2012 and 2016, allowing a variety of component sizes and batch quantities to be efficiently and cost-effectively coated. Garden furniture, architectural products, automotive and construction vehicle components, alloy wheels, and domestic radiators are just a few of the products that have been powder coated on the two lines.

Equally, our team is also able to meet a customer’s coating or performance specification down to the preferred colour, finish, temperature resistance and gloss level. 

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