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18th August 2023

New jobs created as FP Advanced Coatings Ltd takes on new shot blasting facility

New jobs created as FP Advanced Coatings Ltd takes on new shot blasting facility


We are delighted to announce that FP Advanced Coatings Ltd has invested in a new shot blasting facility in Coventry. 

This is great news for customers both old and new as we can now take on much  larger jobs, provide a quicker and more efficient turnaround whilst ensuring the consistent and quality service that we are already well known for.

As part of this transformation we’ve also created four new jobs at our Coventry facility which is is great for the business and for the local economy, 

What shot blasting facility in Coventry

FP Advanced Coatings has offered specialist shot blasting services since 2021 but demand has always been high so when we were able to take on a designated shot blasting business next door, we jumped at the chance. 

Our existing no ferris 20ft container blaster has been joined by an automated shot blasting machine that can manage high volume capabilities whilst our new larger shot blaster can take items up to 10m in length and 1200 kilo weight. 

No job is now too big – from a complete Fiat 500 shell to JCB parts of which we’re currently processing 10 shovels and 65 buckets each day that’s an increase of 300% – we’re able to focus and deliver what our clients need. 

What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is a surface treatment technique that ensures that metal is in a good condition with no dirt, oxidization, or other factors. Shot blasting is an important first step when treating metal, ensuring the coating finish and adhesive quality of customer components are impeccable and ready for any further coating.

Shot blasting and powder coating

Shot blasting is an industry-standard way of producing a metal that is in a good condition to be powder coated.  Powder coating acts as a decorative coating but also as a protective layer to metal surfaces. The two services are often provided together, with shot blasting being completed to prepare the metal for powder coating.

With services ranging from e-coatings, powder coats and shot blasting, contact us today to find out how we can help with your request.

Chris Waterhouse


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